Nurdle Coasts

Nurdle Coasts make sand sifting trommel machines, to aid in unearthing buried plastic from the sand. They focus specifically on micro-plastic ‘nurdles’, as these tiny plastic pellets cause havoc on our wildlife and beach cleaning communities find these particular plastic pests the hardest to recover. Their sieves are specifically designed to remove as much plastic as possible whilst leaving all the sand and as much organic matter on the beach.

It’s magical to see the trommel in action. Our sieve can be seen regularly at Saunton Sands in North Devon. The 5km long sandy beach is backed by a four square miles of United Nations designated sand dunes. Surfing and bathing is very popular here with the water quality rated as “excellent”. Once in position at the high-tide mark you can see it being fed shovel after shovel of sand. As soon as the sieve is rotated (so easily its almost jaw-dropping), the sand falls effortless through leaving behind the nurdles along with other plastic waste and rubbish which has contaminated the beach.

Until you’ve done a beach clean you have no idea how much waste and rubbish gets washed up – the large visible items might get the immediate glory; the bottles and cans, the bundles of fishing line and commercial string… but by quantity, the micro plastic waste is staggering. Too small to even see, impossible to pickup – unless you’ve got a trommel at your disposal.

“After talking to Josh and understanding the impact of microplastics on our beaches and wildlife I knew we just had to get involved and get one for Plastic Free North Devon”

Simon Jessop

Managing Director, Your IT Man.

Devon Beach

What Can We Do To Help?

It’s no secret that the IT industry generates a huge quantity of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). As a nation, our insatiable appetite for the newest and best gadgets is staggering. We are addicted to IT, chained to our smart phones and tablets – it’s a drug and we can’t help ourselves. Everything needs to be bigger, better, faster, lighter, brighter, more powerful… The cost of this is huge, not just financially but to the environment – more now than ever.

We offer a comprehensive fixed-cost recycling service to every customer who does business with us. You can recycle everything from laptops and desktop computers to printers and other networking equipment. All personal and private data is first separated and destroyed before the equipment is then either re-purposed, re-used to charities or schools or recycled back to it’s base metals.