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IT Security

Proactivly monitoring your network and staff training is a must, but what other protection is avalable.

“When moving into our new premises we needed a phone line and Internet at the last minute – Your IT Man sorted us out quickly dealing with all the BT installation hassle to get us up and running. We’ve since moved all our IT over to them and have had Your IT Man take over our web hosting, structured cabling installation as well our Office 365 services.”

Chris Harding

Canoodle Catering

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Award-winning antivirus and security software, protecting your network from risks. Secure protection for your critical data.

Fully Managed IT Security

  • Protect your network & data from attack.
  • Spam filtering to block malicious emails before they reach your network.
  • Antivirus software with automatic updates to keep your systems secure.
  • Data recovery supporting multiple versions of each file so you can restore a file from yesterday, last week, or last month.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses do you provide IT Support for?2022-03-30T09:29:49+01:00

We’ve been supporting small and medium sized businesses in the UK, with 10 to 250+ people since 2011. If you work in property, financial services, or other professional services, we are perfectly placed to deliver the right IT solutions for your business. If you’re a business owner looking for an IT Support company, then be sure to give us a call!

How easy is it to switch IT Support provider?2022-01-11T10:47:15+00:00

New customers often worry that switching their IT Support provider will be a headache. By liaising with your old partner, we make sure the switch is as seamless as possible. Nothing falls through the cracks and it speeds up the handover process. We make switching worry and hassle free!

How can yourITman help my business become more efficient?2020-10-21T17:40:11+01:00

A good IT Support partner should mean that you don’t have to deal with the same problems repeatedly. By proactively managing your systems we reduce recurring problems. We carry out regular updates on your devices, ensuring your machines run quickly and are protected with the latest security updates.

Can you help protect my business against cyber attack?2022-01-11T11:05:10+00:00

As an IT company, we provide security expertise, helping you to protect your business against cyber attack. We recommend using multiple layers of protection to keep your business secure; such as Two-Factor Authentication and Cyber Security Awareness Training. We follow industry best practice for data security, to ensure confidential data is protected.

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